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  • Dave-doodlesoupDave with a few of the kids at the Schoolhouse for Art, May Expo
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DoodleSoup Summer Camp

You’ve seen what we can do in a class, can you imagine what could be achieved in a week!

DoodleSoup is running a Summer Camp for 8-13 year olds in the Schoolhouse for Art this July, Read more…


DoodleSoup at the ‘Schoolhouse’

‘Illustration & Animation’ is a fun and exciting course that’s proven to be very popular since it started running at Schoolhouse for Art at just the beginning of 2016.
The students are encouraged to explore ideas and express themselves in a unique and novel way. Students will take part in a number of fun exercises designed to help them understand the basics of animation and will come away with something they can show off to friends and family.

Read more…